Affordable Charlotte Dental Plans

Everyone needs dental services. Whether it’s for your newborn or your grandparents, routine dental checkups are important no matter what age you are. Here at Charlotte Progressive Dentistry, we know how important your oral health is. That’s why we offer our savings plan to help everyone get easy access to the dental care they deserve. With several options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect plan for you here at Charlotte Progressive Dental. Sign up for our dental savings plan today, or keep reading to learn more and see if our dental services are right for you or your company.

How Our Dental Plan Works

Our savings plans were designed for both businesses and individuals alike. Companies and employers can choose the right plans for their employees without having to deal with insurance companies and confusing policies. Your business will work directly with our dental clinic, receiving the services you feel work best for your employees or allowing your employees to choose the right dental plan for them. For our plan, you can determine how much of the monthly fees you subsidize for each employee. You’ll only pay the subsidy for the employees who sign up — no need to worry about wasted insurance premiums.

Individuals and families can also sign up with us directly, choosing one of three plans that fits their needs the best. Anyone who signs up for this program will receive services and discounts on premium dental care immediately, with no pesky waiting period getting in the way.