kids brushing teeth

4 Tips to Make Brushing Your Teeth Fun For Kids

March 14, 2023

Brushing your teeth is a very important part of maintaining good oral hygiene, especially for kids. Unfortunately, it can be a difficult and boring task for children to complete every day. As parents and caregivers, it’s up to us to make sure our little ones are brushing properly — but that doesn’t mean it has to be an unpleasant chore! At Charlotte Progressive Dentistry, we’re here to help you make teeth cleaning fun for your kids. Schedule an appointment today!

Turn Brushing Into a Game

Turn the brushing process into a game with rewards. Let your child pick out their own toothbrush and toothpaste in flavors they like, and even keep track of how long they brush each time with a timer or stopwatch. You can also offer rewards like stickers or a small treat if they brush for the dentist-recommended two minutes.

Create a Brushing Song

Pick out a catchy tune and create your own brushing song! Sing it together while you brush, and have your kids follow along with the lyrics that remind them of all the right steps (for example, “brush up, brush down, side to side”). This will help them focus on the task at hand and make it a more enjoyable experience.

Make Brushing Part of Your Routine

Finally, make brushing part of your regular nighttime routine. This way, you can set a clear expectation that teeth cleaning is an important part of getting ready for bed. This routine can include other activities that your child enjoys, like reading a story or playing a game.

Schedule an Appointment

At Charlotte Progressive Dentistry, we understand how important it is to make sure our patients, especially kids, practice good oral hygiene. That’s why we want to help you make brushing your teeth fun for the whole family. Schedule an appointment at our family dentist today!