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Do dental implants hurt?

At Charlotte Progressive Dentistry, we put our patients’ comfort first. It is always our goal to minimize pain for every type of treatment. That is why we will work with you, at your pace, and administer the correct amount of anesthetic for each procedure. Dental implants are no different!

Most of our patients tell us, “That was not bad at all!” In fact, dental implants will be no more uncomfortable than most other types of procedures. We will complete a medical history based on your needs and recommend the correct medication to treat any post-operative soreness. Most patients only need an over-the-counter pain medication.

Don’t let the fear of pain be a factor in your decision-making process regarding your health. We will be here every step of the way to make sure you feel comfortable and heal properly. It is important to choose the type of treatment that will give you the best results. You can rely on our gentle dentists to guide you through your treatment from beginning to end.

Dental implants are still one of the most effective ways to replace missing teeth. You can achieve greater stability, freedom, and health with dental implants. Most of our patients are completely happy with their results and would do it again.


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