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Low-Radiation Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are an important diagnostic tool. While many patients today are concerned with the amount of radiation produced from x-rays, digital x-rays have some clear advantages over traditional films:

Less radiation - Today's digital imaging reduces the amount of radiation a patient is exposed to by up to 90%.
Shorter dental appointments - Digital x-rays allow us to review your x-rays almost instantly. No waiting for traditional developing!
Higher quality images - Once on our computer screen, we can enlarge or magnify the image for a better view of the tooth's structure. That means more accurate diagnosis, allowing us to treat conditions in the earliest stages. We can also print copies of digital x-rays for your records.
Transferring dental records - Your digital x-rays can also be mailed to a dental specialist for immediate review. Digital x-rays reduce the time and expense involved with record transfer.

Environmentally friendly - Digital dental x-rays are better for the environment because we eliminate the need for chemicals used in traditional film development.